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Our Portfolio

At Treeo VC, we take pride in our commitment to fostering innovation and driving positive change in various industries. This year has been particularly exciting for us as we have made significant strides in our journey. In just three months, we successfully launched Treeo VC, initially welcoming a diverse range of innovative startups that are reshaping industries across agriculture, mobility, and sustainability.

Our strategic investments in companies have demonstrated promising growth and exemplified our dedication to supporting ventures that align with our vision of a sustainable future. These partnerships not only reflect our confidence in their potential but also underscore our belief in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful impact.

As we continue to expand our portfolio, we remain steadfast in our mission to identify and nurture groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to transform industries and create lasting value. Join us on this exciting journey as we build a brighter, more sustainable future together.



Established in 2021, Bluedot supports drivers and businesses in their transition to EV.


Through innovative technologies and customized services, Bluedot streamlines the EV adoption process, simplifies operations, and optimizes energy usage, paving the way for a sustainable, electrified future. "Simplify your EV charging payments. Use one app to find, pay and access thousands of charging stations. Save money.


Claros Farm


Established in 2020, Claros Farm is an innovative agricultural company based in Austin, Texas. Claros Farm champions the future of soilless cultivation, with a passionate team dedicated to revolutionizing the next generation of farming practices.

Claros Farm harnesses the power of NASA's advanced space tech in its state-of-the-art laboratories. Each plant is cultivated with precision, reaching unparalleled vitamin and mineral richness tailored to naturally optimize harvests and maximize nutritional value. It is not just produce - it is the beginning of a health transformation with every bite.

Claros Farm

BeforeSunset AI


Founded in April 2022. BeforeSunset AI is an AI task manager that helps you plan your day, sync with your team, and track analytics to work smarter over time.

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, BeforeSunset AI empowers users to effortlessly block time for tasks, maintain work-life balance, and boost productivity. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, BeforeSunset AI goes beyond conventional task management, offering innovative features that transform to-dos into actionable items seamlessly synchronized with the user’s calendars. 

Before Sunset AI



Paillor is the AI Co-Pilot for instant help at work.

Pailor empowers your leadership with an on-demand assistant, harnessing advanced AI to optimize operations and enhance support across the modern workplace.

Located in Toronto and Delaware Paillor stands at the forefront of technological innovation, embodying a brand and a progressive movement that seamlessly integrates automation with human efforts. This synergy enhances productivity and redefines the digital workspace experience.


Tamarind Bio


Founded in November 2023. Tamarind Bio empowers scientists through its no-code, easy-to-use, large-scale computational biology tools for drug discovery on protein design, molecular docking, and structure prediction, with no setup required. Located in San Francisco, Tamarind Bio develops state-of-the-art computational tools for biology.

Tamarind Bio

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